Bowling - A Fun and Exciting Sport, for All Ages. Get Active - Stay Active - Participate and Enjoy!

Mission Statement

We exist to promote and enhance the sport of bowling, Recreationally and Competitively, with the cooperation, coordination and unity of all facilities, associations, clubs, and individuals involved.

Board of Directors

Annette Bruneau President
VACANT Vice President
Martin VanKeimpema (YBC) Treasurer
VACANT Past President
Tim Wiseman (A5PBA) Director
VACANT (A5PBA) Director
Dave Kist (A10PA) Director
Jim Coleman (A10PA) Director
Brian Rossetti (MBA) Director
Brian Sudbury (MBA) Director
Rob Taylor (YBC) Director
Shelby Chrest (C55+) Director
Rick Heinrich (C55+) Director
Grady Long Executive Director



See calendars provided under each discipline's page.


  • 2014 Youth Bowling School Tournament Results and Prize Payouts
  • Federation Three Year Strategic Plan
  • All forms are Adobe "pdf" documents. Please obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader here.


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    Phone: 780-422-8251

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